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My name is Michael Young. Black Stone Stitchworks is my creative labor-of-love. Like many others, I found myself on a bicycle at a young age. The sense of freedom and self-exploration was mine, and I embraced it. I dabbled in various forms of cycling over the past three decades, but it was in the late 90's that I fell in love with mountain biking. I found that trail riding, bikepacking,  gravel and forest road cruising, and just general exploration on a bicycle, gave me an overall sense of well-being. I found that being in nature on a bicycle brought me a sort of peace and internal connection to the surrounding world that I could not really find elsewhere.  While many I knew pursued the competitive side of cycling, I found just being on a bike, with dirt under my tires and weaving through the trees brought me joy, no wins necessary. 

It was moving to Portland, Oregon that finally linked me to my "natural" home. The volcanic and orographic nature of the Pacific North West, creates a perfect mixture of lush harshness that draws me into the mountains. It is the ever-surrounding volcanic rock, basalt,  that inspired the Black Stone name. My goal with Black Stone Stitchworks was to  make simple, useful, and durable products, in the  hope that it might  propel a desire for exploration of the natural world, on a bike, wherever that might be.

Our focus is to bring you high quality MTB hip packs, and other durable adventure goods, handmade in Oregon, with some of the finest technical materials available. We strive to bring a simple, yet useful product that is made in the USA, with components also made in the USA, whenever available. Our packs are made with 100% waterproof  fabrics that are tough enough to withstand the rigors of mountain biking, but also able to keep your stuff dry should you encounter precipitation during your outing. The fabric colors and patterns are always changing. Take a look in the Shop to see what is currently available. 

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