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Custom Color Pack

Custom Color Pack

Here is where you build your new pack exactly the way you want it. These are the same build as our stock Two and Three Liter Packs, but with Custom Color Combinations chosen by you! 


All of the details on these packs are found on their respective Product Pages. 


There is a $10 upcharge to make your pack custom, and the lead time increases to 10 business days, to give me time to build it to your specifications. 


Fill in the Custom Color Picker field below with the colors you want the specific panels to be (according to the panel identifier and fabric choice pictures above.) It is IMPORTANT that YOU fill in a color for every panel, or your order will not be processed until clarification has been obtained, which just increases time for your pack to be made and shipped. 


**Option to add second bottle holster built in to LEFT hip panel, additional $15.


**Option to add "Ride With Pride" package, includes rainbow webbing and zipper pull tabs. 10% of sales with this package gets donated to groups that strive to increase gender and racial diversity in the offroad cycling world!


We HIGHLY RECOMMEND sticking with "like" fabrics for your build (ALL EPX400 or ALL RX30). The feel and look of these two fabrics are different enough that it will be obvious if they are mixed. Not sure which to choose? Shoot me an email!!  


    ​​​​​​Custom Color Packs, Handmade For You!!!

    • Made with waterproof Xpac and ECOPAK outer fabric, and YKK #5 and #8 water-resistant zippers, for a highly water resistant package to carry your items
    • Mesh spacer fabric on back panel and wings helps with breathability
    • Standard 1.5" or 2" Belt insures comfortable carry, even when fully loaded; Adjustable from 25 - 52 inches
    • Small organization pockets inside pack keep small items easy to locate
    • Key lanyard insures your key is there at the end of your ride
    • 1/4" EVA padding across back panel to minimize pack contents contact with your back in case of impact
    • 1/8" EVA padding in hip wings for extra carry comfort
    • Bottle holster is built into the right wing, and is stowable when not needed
    • Second bottle holster can be built into LEFT hip panel for $15 upcharge

    Due to the nature of custom products, these items are not returnable for a refund. Choose wisely, as once the order has been built to your specifications, it is yours.

    We take pride in our products and stand behind them 100%. If one of our products fails due to a manufacturing error, contact us so we can initiate a repair order. After receiving the product for repair, we will gladly repair or replace (at our discretion) the product and get it back to you as quickly as possible. 


    • Domestic USA shipping only, through USPS Priority
    • All in stock orders shipped within 5 Business days of payment arrival.

    All outer fabrics used in our packs are made from Dimension Polyant. They were originally designed as waterproof sail fabric, but have been found to be incredibly useful in outdoor equipment manufacturing. All variations are a stacked and bonded system, comprised of the outer fabric, a x-patterned ripstop fiber grid, and a waterproof laminate that is bonded to the others. They are listed below, in order from what we believe to be the toughest to the lightest in terms of abrasion resistance and stiffness. The reality is all of these are pretty tough fabrics, meant to face the harshness of the sailing world. However, if you find yourself over-sending it into the dirt more than others, or neglecting your gear, the higher up, the longer life you'll get out of the pack. Fabric colors and patterns are purchased in smaller quantities and availability will change as supply fluctuates. 

    • X-50 Expedition/Tactical - 500d Cordura Nylon, black Nylon/yellow Kevlar x-ply, shiny/matte laminate inner
    • X-33 - 330d Cordura Nylon, black x-ply, shiny laminate inner
    • RX30 - 300d recycled polyester outer face from Repreve, recycled black x-ply, shiny laminate inner


    While all of our packs are made with waterproof fabrics and water resistant zippers, they are still sewn together which is only possible with thousands of tiny holes. Therefore, we cannot in good conscience call them "waterproof". They have shown through "normal" wet riding conditions and unexpected downpours to remain dry inside, but we cannot be responsible for any damage to bag contents should your bag leak or take in water. 

  • Care and Cleaning

    With offroad cycling it is highly likely that your bag will eventually get dirty. DO NOT wash in a machine. A quick blast with a nozzle from an air compressor should free most dust and dried mud particles. If a compressor isn't available, then a little bit of soapy water and a soft/medium brush should get any dirt or grime out of the face fabric, and a quick soak/rinse of the rear mesh should get out any smells. Hang to dry and your pack should be ready to go. 

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